Sunday, August 29, 2010

meh squared

I am just so off the boil. The racing season has ended and I hardly raced because there were hardly any races for me. There used to be a race every Sunday come hell or high water so my sports license gave me lots of opportunities, but this year was a different crew and way less opportunities and I have kind of just lost my way.

But I still support my club, seeing as they are all I have, so Boab and I showed up at a "cent sale" this arvo because it was a fund raiser. Well it was also a rare cultural experience. Think bingo, without the required skills.
You buy a lot of tickets (50 for a dollar) and fill up a bag, then chuck some tickets in a bucket that comes by with an item up for grabs that you might like.

Now I thought this was going to be a cycling sort of a function, so Boab and I donated some jerseys and bike parts, but the audience was actually mostly die hard cent sale regulars who are looking to get something for very little. I was pretty funny. The only thing we won was a dire collection of rose scented unguents and candles which I returned to the table for another go round. LOL I wasn't the first! They may still be there.

It was a strange sort of Sunday spent with a demographic we don't often hang out with, which is a good thing. Very comical, hopefully rare. I have a photo of BoaB I am not posting, but which sends me into paroxysms of laughter, mostly because of the surrounds. I am keeping it for blackmail purposes...

And it is raining in Townsville, speaking of rare. And I have to go to court tomorrow *sigh*

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AMR said...

I must say, we did think racing as well when we decided to move to Brisbane... I did!