Sunday, August 15, 2010

when the blogosphere gets real

We all know that Bloggers are real people. When I met the Bluenoser last year he was already an old friend, we just hadn't had the chance to hang out together yet. Through one of my real local 3D friends I was put onto this blog:

A young couple is doing what we all dream of doing, chucking it in, getting on bikes and heading off to see the world. *sigh* And now they are in Townsville, staying with my friend, who met them on the Otago rail trail in New Zealand a few months ago.

They are as real as it gets. Genuine and interesting people, doing a big thing that will change them forever, and make them a whole pile of new friends. Some of us got together for a winter evening of drinks, food and conversation.
Food in great abundance. Aussies have an absolute horror of arriving at your house empty handed, so are the easiest people in the world to feed.
The hosts with the travelers. This is the second time they have had cyclists on a grand tour to stay, and I suspect it won't be the last. The visitors were exposed to Australian political debate (sorry Yvonne!!) and everything. I hope it was a real cultural experience.
That is my good mate and opposite debater, who actually agrees with me (we think) but may not be talking to me any more (just kidding) but who now knows I am a dangerous socialist.

Do follow Emily and John on their adventures, and wish them well (and offer them a bed, they are really nice) if they are coming your way.

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