Thursday, September 16, 2010

cycling tribes

I was properly riled to read the letters to the editor in the latest Cycling Australia (or is it Australian Cyclist?!) magazine. Someone suggesting that a ped/cyclist collision was obviously the fault of the "lycra clad, carbon bike riding" cyclist.

Just what we need, not just fashion police, but a firm assessment of character based on dress and bike choice.

My pat answer to the 'why do you wear lycra' question has devolved to "to piss off people who don't like it". Now I can add my carbon bike to the weapons I wield in an attempt to so anger busybodies that they choke on their bile.

What have these righteous haters of comfortable kit done for cycling today I wonder? Penned a letter that further divides our tribe. Called again for registration (and this from a cyclist!). Harped on about cyclists being a danger.

It gets harder and harder to be positive and friendly on the bikeway every day, but I must try. Someone has to knock the silly haters on the head with niceness. Kill them with kindness. And do it while wearing full kit, and on your very nicest bike!

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Groover said...

It's just jealousy because they can't squeeze their bulging bodies into skinny lycra. LOL