Saturday, September 4, 2010

garden update

It is the weekend, so expect blogs.

We are enjoying some autumn harvest these days. I decided when I bought tomato plants that the only tomatoes which are always expensive are the little ones. My $1.99 investment in 4 grape tomatoes has kept this dish full for a few weeks now, and I eat a few every time I walk by, cook heaps and make salads and sandwiches. Good call. We also have papaya and limes aplenty, and bananas coming on.

These photos uploaded in a weird order, so I will skip around rather than struggle to fix them on my tiny netbook. This is a broken off bit of dove orchid I tied to the palm at the top of the stairs a few years ago. It gets no love at all (being off the deck) but has started to bloom.
I love that Amaryllis just live in the garden and do this at the end of winter. I keep dividing and spreading them around. I won't be leaving this yard without them.
The grape tomatoes are absolutely feral. I had no idea they would tumble out of the garden bed like this. The whole idea of planting high is to keep the possums from eating everything. So far they haven't savaged the tomatoes, but I am not hopeful.
The greens bed. We have eated a ton of silver beet (swiss chard) and there is always lots more. I use it in everything from curry to stir fry, quiche to soup. Full of green goodness. There is also parsley, some garlic which were sprouting and are now growing well, a single lettuce and lots of beetroot and dill coming on.
Best mint patch ever. We have gray-water from the washing machine going to this spot (as well as the bananas) and it is obviously a big hit.
I always cut the top off a pineapple, let it cure for a month or two in a dish as a "flower arrangement" and then nestle it in the garden. It takes about a year till it forms a pineapple. we have a half dozen or so sizing up. They are great fun to watch.
My Big Sister thinks it is a bit lame to grow roses in the tropics, and I agree. They never look lush but we do get blooms, and I only plant the ones that smell devine.
Front garden bed all weeded and mulched, and doing its thing.
The mother dove orchid. It only blooms on old wood (existing flower spikes) so never ever cut. They last just one day and smell of dusty lemons. I think they are like magic in the garden.
Not bad for a poor, neglected cyclists garden!


Ant said...

Love the cherry tomatoes! They're the only tomatoes that I eat now - the bigger ones just taste so plain and nothing-like. I'll plant them in summer - I try and pay a bit of attention to training them and keeping them under control. I still have feral plants popping up all over the garden though - thanks to the dogs helping themselves to the donor plant.

I've taken a leaf out of your book and put in some silverbeet, can't wait for it to get a bit bigger!

Groover said...

Mh, gardening is certainly another thing worth taking up ... I just wish I had your green thumb. :-)

I did really well with my parsley ... until an animal thought the same and ate all the leaves. If I catch the thief! Possumes could well be the culprit.

I agree with Ant, the cherry tomatoes look like a hit!

Dee said...

Doh, Possums. I love critters, but they tend to get the upper hand. When my old dog goes I will be at their mercy!

Good luck with the silverbeet Ant, it should love your southern spring and summer.

Groover, you can grow almost anything in Brisbane all year round, but chooks can be very destructive! : )