Sunday, September 12, 2010

more Sunday cut flowers

After a stunning ride on Harvey's Range yesterday (sorry, I was busy riding, so no pictures) and a nice brisk walk at a fun run this morning, it is nice to have a quiet wander in the yard and see what is happening.
This orchid gets no love at all, it just lives in the base of the dracena and does its thing. Too good to cut, it stays in the yard and I visit it every day.

This shrub doesn't look great for cut flowers, in fact it makes a pretty scrappy looking bouquet:
I haven't cut it for its looks. It is Brunfelsia americana, the 'lady of the night'. As soon as the sun sets it will fill the house with a complex, sweet perfume. I had to do some googling to identify the plant. As with so many great plants it was purchased from a local market by the common name. I am amused by some of the descriptions I read, saying it is too small and spindly to be properly called a shrub. well mine is a good 7-8 feet tall and has been pruned back a few times. It is thick even though it gets shade, and in Townsville enjoys successive flushes of bloom every few months for weeks at a time. Right now all the brunfelsia, including the (I think) rather stinky but more lovely to look at Brunfelsia pauciflora (yesterday, today and tomorrow) are blooming their little hearts out. Spring fever!


Groover said...

The plants that thrive on negligence are the best. ;-)

Carol said...

Hi Dee!! Well, last Friday the air con was still running - this week the heat is on!! Ducks and Geese are practicing short runs in vee formation. Apples are red, plump, and crisp and when I walked the dog this morning there was that unmistakable fragrance of autumn - that sweet falling leaves smell, although they're still green on the trees so far! Tickseed are starting to form the seed heads that will give us all such a fit when the dogs run through them. After the long hot and dry days of August, my gardens are burnt to a crisp - it has never looked so yucky and worn out in all the years I've lived in Truro. It's almost enough to make you glad the snow will cover it all up and we'll start fresh.... almost!

Dee said...

About the only thing I miss about winter is the annual sterilization of the garden from the deep freeze. Bugs and fungis just seem to compound annually here. I have had to embrace a few inorganic practices.