Friday, September 3, 2010

National Aggro Day

I don't know what it was about today, but it was the most confrontational commute ever. Last week there was an article in the press about senior citizens being threatened by cyclists on the bikeway (actually 14 yr olds on bmxs). Today there they were, in all their glory, a great herd of oldies walking 4 abreast at commuting time. I may have been a bit sharp in my interaction with them.

Shortly after I was nearly taken out by fast moving uni age cyclists coming around a blind corner at speed and side by side. I may have hollered something rude, and I got an absolute tirade in return. Luckily the ipod was at a level to protect me from actually understanding what was said.

Finally I was stopped short of the dam by the 'roadworks from hell' and heavy traffic. I made to do a u-turn and this caused me to be slightly in the way of motorists, who were so wounded by having their tires touch dirt that they yelled at me too! Actually, I enjoyed this as I fancy aggro from a motorist takes actual time off their life.

I got to work safely but yeesh! What a morning! Must be the return of the humidity I suppose.

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