Thursday, September 30, 2010

prizes etc.

My sister commented that I didn't reveal the fabulous prizes I won in the tri. So here is a prize that was very suitable for a women's team, SHOES!
They are fancy leather thongs with a contoured footbed from a podiatry shop. For free!! I also got a $100.00 gift certificate from my favorite bike shop, as well as a water bottle and lots of coupons for dollars off massages and stuff, I shirt that fits Scott and a hat etc. Not bad for a bunch of amateurs who expected nothing!

My runner has already gone from ""never again" to "will you be on my team next year" She crunched all the results. We came 13 of 29 in the corporate women. She came 12/29 of the runners. Our swimmer survived the seas from hell - enough said. I came 6/29 of the cyclists. What fun, I am in for next year and I will do better!

Now some flowers:
This is a gardenia developed by a local nursery, I think. I was sure it was something bred by Limberlost Nursery in Cairns, but a google search nets me nothing. It is very sweetly scented, and the blooms are sticky to the touch. They open cream and fade to dark yellow.

Almost the weekend! I will be glued to the TV for the next three days for the world cycling championships. On Saturday HHD1 are covering the Womens road race from start to finish. The whole thing! I have NEVER seen a womens road race on TV. Just bits and highlights, and those are very rare. I am very excited to have the chance to see women race! Hope I learn a thing or two (probably HTFU and train harder).

I am now in the "off season" so I have organised a slow girls ride on Saturday. The Cycleccino's bunch ride has gotten too big, unruly and fast for the newbies. Since I train all week, I have decided to take Saturday off and get some of the girls who have been left behind back on board. It should be social, fun and a way to get a new bunch smitten by cycling. Come on girls, we can do it.


Theresa said...

Congrats again on your excellent effort - 6th! That's great! Gorgeous flowers. We have a regular gardenia outside of our house and the first bloom opened yesterday. I love their scent!

Ooh, and we just got a dehydrator, so if you ever have a glut of produce feel free to drop it off and I can return dried things :)

Once Known as The Badger said...

I love gardenias, and what fun for you to place so well. Hear hear!

Dee said...

Thanks Theresa! Soon you can start picking mangoes and drying them, yum! I am semi drying tomatoes in the oven today, then I freeze them.

Badger, I'll never be great, but I'll keep having a go. I can blame my late start in the sport for my inability to become a hardened racer. ; )