Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

Well it is nice, but it isn't HOT. I was able to roll out at 7am with no thought to arm warmers, which is nice. But there is no dramatic change from yesterday, putting my observations of "the big switch to summer" into question. However, at 7:30 pm it is still nice, no cold southerly, so I think we are on the way to summer.

There are other signs of summer. The sea eagles are back, and kept us awake the last few nights with regular outbreaks of enthusiam from about 2am. I have failed to find an audio file, so you will have to wait til I feel like vaulting out of bed to make a sound recording. Be very very patient. The first Coel has called, which is a sure sign of spring, and a mango dropped just in front of me this morning. It was very small and bounced up to about eye level, reminding me that there will be a risk of serious injury for the next 2 months.

2 weeks ago a magpie attacked a cyclist just in front of me and BoaB on the Saturday coffee run. Seems early, but be afraid.

Spring has sprung!


Once Known as The Badger said...

As you're moving into summer, fall is on its way here. Of course, it's still hotter than hell, but that won't last much longer!

Dee said...

I suspect we will overlap a bit in the hot department. I sure like putting the arm warmers away though.