Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday cut flowers

I usually cut flowers from the garden on Sunday, and since I also update the "who's counting" part of my blog on Sunday as well, I have decided to make a weekly feature of my cut flowers. It should inpire me to bring in lots of different stuff every week, instead of the same old.

The heliconia are currently getting the machete treatment from BoaB. They have gone a bit feral and need refreshing, so I went out and rescued some of my favorite blooms. Heliconia only bloom on new growth, and because they are so overgrown with last wet seasons growth there are not a lot of blooms right now. Lopping them all down and chucking on a few buckets of chicken poo pellets and we will be harvesting armloads this wet season.

I couldn't resist adding a few amaryllis as the colours were so complimentary. I do love hot tropical colours in the garden (and in the house).

This should keep the Atlantic Master Gardeners amused through the winter Carol!


Theresa said...

I love heliconias - I had them for my wedding bouquet. There is something so cheery about orange flowers that I really love. I look forward to your weekly floral arrangements!

Dee said...

Thanks, I am excited to try new things! I absolutely loved the wedding photos, it was a really special event.