Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday without flowers

I may have to do the flowers thing once a month, because even in the tropics there really isn't much new every week. I will look around tomorrow and see what I can post.

I didn't spend much time in the garden today because I competed in the TP Human Capital Corporate Triathlon. Yesterday BoaB competed in the Top Brand Criterion. This is all part of the annual Go Troppo Tri Festival and was great fun, but sure sucked up a lot of the weekend.

Corporate events are all about team building, so I was really pleased when we formed a team from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences that was one quantitative scientist, one qualitative scientist, and one technician (that would be me). In a male dominated school there were two all female teams. Our team had three women over 50.
My team mates. Fabulous, fit, over 50 females.

It was a bad day for the swimmer, because it has been really windy and the water was very choppy and silty. She made it though, and I took off into a stiff tailwind, then had to turn into the stiff headwind, and do 3 laps of that for 16kms. My runner was fast and fleet and came home in good time.

We didn't win on time, but we did have the "oldest team". I am shocked, because we think we are young! However, we are going to enjoy our nice prizes. Surely next year there will be more 'mature age' competitors forming teams, but if not, well we will be 3 years older and ready to win again!

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Carol said...

YAY!!!! I'm really proud of all of you! You alluded to fabulous prizes... so now curious minds want to know...

Glad to know I'm never too old to be fit...