Sunday, October 3, 2010

cycling marathon

Phew. for someone who hardly ever watches television, I have done a marathon session. I have watched every minute of the UCI world's cycling championship. All of it. FANTASTIC.

As a result the TV room is as clean as a bean. I can't just sit and watch tele so I have washed the windows, walls and baseboards, dusted, tidied, scrubbed. I started to sand the widows so I could paint but I couldn't hear Phil Liggett.

Since I was home for days ( I hadn't intended to take Thursday off but I was sick, so began the marathon) I freecycled a bunch of stuff. If we are going to downsize we had better start shedding some stuff. So Stanley's wading pool, some deck chairs, fans, our giant fish tank - all gone. I'll be eyeing up more things to go. We arrived with almost nothing, and now we have a huge house full of STUFF!

We are so a consumer culture....


Theresa said...

Andy saw your freecycle messages. We nearly tried to nab your chairs, but alas, we were too slow! Freecycle is so wonderful, isn't it? I got rid of so much stuff through freecycle before I moved over here, and we've taken full advantage of Townsville freecycle to furnish our space - hello free dining table & chairs!

Incidentally, I'm lecturing tomorrow about the awesomeness of freecycle.

Groover said...

"I started to sand the widows so I could paint but I couldn't hear Phil Liggett."

Now that would be a good thing, wouldn't it?

I'm like you. I can't stand just sitting and watching TV. Boody ADD! LOL