Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

Tomorrow is November already. The weather is magnificent, still cool (if a high of 32 is cool) and blue skies. I am sorry I didn't get more kms in, but it is too late now.

Not much happens here for halloween. It is the wrong time of year anyway, although it is harvest time in the garden, and there are fall like things is spring (like falling leaves) which confound the ex-pat Canadian. Anyway, if we had a trick-or-treater I would be shocked, we never have before.

To help me celebrate my roots, the produce suppliers have decided to sell cabbage for the cheapest price I have ever seen. Remember that this is the tropics, so a cabbage probably has to make a bit of a journey to our stores. We got a huge one, a real prize winner, for less than 3 bucks last week, and I have really enjoyed it. Coleslaw, a shredded cabbage casserole that is the lazy cooks answer to cabbage rolls, tonight I am baking coriander crusted pork with cabbage, tomorrow I want cabbage and chick pea/vegetable soup, and then I will need another cabbage! I still want creamy Irish mashed spuds with cabbage, and Vietnamese cabbage salad, and Chinese cabbage wontons.... and don't forget corned beef and cabbage with onion sauce!! Hope they are still on sale!

Cabbage doesn't seem like a treat back home, but I have paid $7 for a small one, so excuse me while I go completely nuts with cabbage dishes.

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