Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ride to Work Day

Yesterday was national Ride to Work Day. As usual, I celebrated by getting up very early indeed and DRIVING to the Uni. with a bunch of stuff to hold the community breakfast. Normally this drives me completely nuts, but this year it was really rainy so I didn't mind having a good excuse. It never rains in Townsville in October, I swear, but yesterday was like the wet season was upon us. Despite that 30+ brave people rode in and attended the community breakfast, and I am sure many more just rode in as usual.
Here I am with the first riders of the morning. It was a pretty crappy morning and I figured this could be it, so i got a group photo.
Lots of riders turned up though (if you think 30 is lots) so it was worth all the bother. As a bonus Facilities Management let me use one of the solar powered carts they have for transporting everything to the BBQ area. It was so fun to drive!

I am really proud of the banner I designed last year. It is easy to hang anywhere because of the ropes, and it has a big plastic pocket so it can be used for any and every event. I think it looks great!
I had lots of stuff to give away, including tire repair kits and personal alarms. I thought the alarms were a bit weird, but the water bottles and stickers were popular. All thanks to TravelSmart Queensland, who sent me all this stuff without me even asking!!
The JCU BUG's presidents award for the best bike goes to Dr Alison Cottrell for her fabulous Peugeot. I swoon whenever I see it! I confess, it is a rescued bike from one of the colleges (they used to send bikes to the dump!! Imagine!!) and I had taken it home for myself. However, Alison needed a step through bike, and while you can buy cruisers, they are really heavy and have huge tires! This is a 30 year old French original with 3 speeds and a light steel frame. It is just gorgeous.

So as usual it was exhausting and a bit stressful to organise a RTW Day breakfast, but I will do it again next year because it is very fun and worthwhile in the end.


Groover said...

Good on ya!

And it looks like a lovely day in NQ! :-)

Dee said...

At least it was warm! I have never seen Townsville this green in October. I suspect I will be putting a lot of miles on my fenderized mountain bike this year.