Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday at home

Hurry up and blog! I want my dinner!
I love being home. I don't want to go anywhere, cycling excepted.
Last night it bucketed rain, and around midnight the wind picked up and the palms lashed all night. Usually I ride at 5:20 am Saturday morning, but by 5am we were up to 50kmh+ gusts and sustained 35kmh winds. I have had a half assed health week (Academics suffer more than most from 'presenteeism', and then they all come to my office) so I stayed in bed while BoaB rolled out.

The result is that I am in fine fettle for a Saturday. It is great to go for a big morning ride, but I am in a stupor the rest of the day. Today however I have done some serious pre-wet season gardening, under house tidying and slow cooking ( a cajun bean dish that needs to simmer for hours). I haven't even napped!
In the garden. I have just planted the former eggplant bed with lettuce seeds and marigolds. Now it had big holes, and I saw a female rhino beetle extricating herself from the soil. What to do? So I looked up rhinos on the interwebs, and it looks like she was being born, not laying eggs. I often find the big rhino larvae in the garden, but it seems they are my friends. The female lays eggs in the rotting vegetation parts of the yard, where the larvae do good work chomping the dead wood and leaves. Then they hunker down and pupate and emerge as adults, so they are not interested in my living crops, and are assisting in the recycling of my slash piles.

Now for some flowers.

OK, I know I need expert assistance in the art of flower arranging as well as the use of my 80 dollar bang box. Some day I hope to study Ikibana. I am saving it for when I am 60, as you have to have something to look forward to in life. In the mean time, when Scott hands me an armload of blooms from the garden, I just put them in vases.

Heliconia are a sure sign of summer coming on. I can now look forward to a fresh arrangement every weekend until ?? April? May? They just go on forever, and the more you cut the more you get. Carol, note the perfect runner for the sideboard! Thanks!

And now some link love. If you are a Canadian who grew up in the sixties this will slay you:

Can you still buy Phentex? I sure hope not!!

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