Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday already!

Flower of the week. A gardenia grandiflora which has lots of buds, but this is the first bloom of the season. It makes me feel like I am going to the Prom with the perfect corsage. Creamy and soft, so fragrant and perfect to look at. What a star.

Geeze I am turning into a weekly poster. Sorry. I am a bit stressed and ill, and it is rendering me kind of stupid and sleepy. Anyway, we are enjoying a time of plenty in the garden. Paw paw (or papaya if you like) are too plentiful. Tomorrow I am going to try my first ever Thai green paw paw salad. Why not? Theresa, if you are looking, please email me to arrange a visit and pick up some fresh produce. I can't cope. The little bowl of tomatoes indicates that finally, after several kilos of fruit, the plants are slowing down. I have dried a fair few and will prune and rejuvenate the plants.

The Commonwealth games has been well covered by TV. I find it all a bit cringe worthy, especially since it is in such magnificent city which is obviously detached from such an anachronistic event. But go you Aussies and Canadians and Poms, because it is all about you after all. Even the cycling fails to excite.

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