Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday holiday

I know i said I was going to ride this morning, but when I got up BoaB gave me the choice of a ride, or a trip north to Ingham to visit a wetland I have been keen to see. So we reverted back to a former life when we were birdwatchers, not cyclists, and off we took.
Road trip! It is green like I have never seen in October. Unbelievable.
The Tyto wetlands are in a town about 100kms north, where it is alway green and the heritage is very Italian. After the hike and breakfast we cruised the back blocks, and check out this old Italian private hospital (now looking like a very huge private residence). Nice to have the info on the sign out front.

We saw 4 or 5 birds we have never seen before today, which is pretty thrilling. There was an interesting tree which seems to have very different male and female blooms:

Sorry that the red one is not quite open, but it was the only one low enough for little me. They were very different though, the red bloom being very heavy and fleshy, and looking like the "female" fruit bearer.
A wetland in a coastal area in the tropics would be naked without one of these signs. Yes we get a lot of Germans tourists.
I just send some bait ahead ; )
Beautiful blue skies and favorite plants. A Pandanus in fruit. In theory it is edible, if you know what to do with it...
Pretty faced wallaby, not at all shy. There were full sized kangaroos too, but you couldn't get near them, which is just as well since they are bigger than I am.
Really bad crop of a crimson finch. They are so pretty but they move around a lot and don't come close! Anyway, we had such a nice outing, and bought some groceries from the Italian deli (the best flours for pasta, and so many olives to choose from!). I want to go again soon!


BoaB said...

" I want to go again soon!"- and so you shall......

Groover said...

Sounds like there is something wrong with German tourists ... LOL

Glad you had a great day out. Your bike will be there waiting for you next weekend, or the one after. :-)

Ant said...

I've been meaning to comment on this - my inlaws live in Ingham, I've been there stacks of times, but never been to Tyto. It will have to go on the list!