Thursday, November 25, 2010

a physio 'graduate'

I mentioned I started physio a couple of weeks back. Now the magic thing about Uni students doing physio with you is that they just want you to get better. They are on a 4 or 5 week placement, sothey don't have a vested interest in locking you in for months of manipulations and massages. So you get a thorough assessment, a bit of massage and a LOT of exercises. I got three new exercises a week so I now have 9, but tell you what, it has made a huge difference. After this weeks session I was pronounced"cured, but reliant on an exercise program".

So I am a graduate with top results. I will keep up (and expand) my shoulder, neck and core fitness work. Of course you have to suck it up and make an effort, but your body needs it. I am so happy to be so much better. 3 weeks physio = 7.5 hours = $15.00. The bargain of the century.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

arbitrary goals

Today I rolled 10,000 for 2010, so that is my minimum goal met. Not much of the year left to try and set the bar higher, and it looks like the rainy season is settling in to stay (flash flooding forecast for today).

I really thought I would get to 10,000 earlier, but what with the dreaded jury duty, new seat that I couldn't break in issues and rain when you least expect it, I am lagging behind. Ah well, I'll do better next year, you do have to leave yourself some goals for the future!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

the crack! of summer

It is nearly 8 at night, and the lightning is flashing while thunder cracks. Old dog knew it was coming hours ago, he was panting heavily when I got home just before 6. Nervous and knowing it was coming. We had a peal of thunder that shook the floor, and he had to move into the 'kennel' space at the end of the sofa where BoaB sits at his laptop. Comfort in small spaces.

This will be a wet season to be remembered.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

suffering for my art

I confess I am a cycling tragic. My body is a machine which delivers the goods in endorphins, kms and the satisfaction of a job well done. But my body is 51 years old, and I have had some issues.

I am working away a couple of weeks ago and I get an email from @jcu with university 'news', and on there is a reminder that we can get physio for 10 bucks the first visit, and 5 bucks there after. Yes they are students, but I figure I am sitting at my desk feeling like Quasimodo, so why not.

My first session was 3 full hours. I kid you not. I had every muscle assessed. My whole story noted, and a program of remedial exercise prescribed. I did a week of exercise, and went back for another assessment a week later. Better, much better, but feel this muscle? Can you control this? Can you hold your shoulders thus and flex this core muscle like this? Of course she can! She is an athlete! So make her learn this flexation, and do these exercises!

I swear I can't feel the pain in my shoulders because my ribs are killing me. I didn't think I would get through my program of six exercises this evening, but I guess the good thing about being "an athelete" is that you know how to HTFU and just do it. so I did. I feel better, really. Just DON'T touch my ribs, or my arms, or...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

spring is autumn

Late spring/early summer is always an odd time of year for me. It is certainly spring, I even have a few spring bulbs to bloom and remind me. I assume this is an allium, what else could it be? This time of year it pops up in all the old gardens. One of those plants which was once fashionable and is so tough that it remains, hidden until a trigger of temperature or rain makes it appear.
I love its hot colour. Perfect for the first flushes of heliconias that are near it. When I planted this bulb (a find at the local market) it was in a sunny location at the front of a border. Now it is in dappled shade near the back, but it doesn't seem to matter.

I don't know the name of the coral coloured plant in the photo. It was a gift from my sister and is a good spreader by self seed. A salvia? Anyway, the tropical leafyness of the garden reminds me that I am not in the Maritimes anymore. I note too that the sugarcane mulch is holding up well.
So why am I confused that late spring is here?
Because it is pickling season! Winter is when I grow all my 'normal' veggies, like swiss chard, beets, onions and dill. You can never buy dill heads anywhere, so it is a treat to make some dill pickles now that my dill is ready. Beans are very cheap right now, so I will try and get some more jars together and get another batch or two done this week. They make a great hostess gift when you go to a party, because the locals have never heard of such a thing as dilling carrots and beans. It is funny to be such an "ethnic".

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a run of luck

Three times lucky this morning.
1. got past the road works without a single car overtaking me
2. had someone actually slow and let me by before turning left rather than trying to t-bone me. Quite extraordinary.
3. shoulder checked where the road shoulder ends just before the dam turnoff so I saw the truck coming at me and hit the dirt. Kept the rubber side down too.

I am grateful every day for the combination of skill, luck and good karma that keeps me cycling.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

love on the beach

Today was special day. We went to a wedding. I picked a basket of flowers and we went to a pretty beach location to bear witness to the marrage of our Vet, and his amazing cycling bride.
It was a lovely day, but grey skies meant I needed to harvest a bit of sunshine to strew about. When we got to the beach the Marriage Celebrant had been busy and there was a very tropical setting for a wedding.
A heart of fresh frangipani blooms in which to take your vows. How special is that? When the vows were taken we celebrated with a burst of colour!

Love is so grand! Mr. and Mrs. check the quality of my work on their excellent camera.
A wedding party of four. What a privilege to be asked to witness a wedding. They will have a bigger affair later down south, but this was the real deal. A lovely, lovely experience.

As we left the beach there was a man playing beautiful music on his guitar. Totally unplanned or expected, and absolutely perfect. The benefit of so much good Karma in the group.

Friday, November 5, 2010

give me a gift

Lots of bloggers carry on about causes and raise funds for charities. I am not doing that. I am asking you to hurry and vote for a great local cyclist for Australian cyclist of the year. Ruth is a lovely and tough lady who came late to cycling. This means that she is a Mom in her 30s, and has had none of the 'development' opportunities that young talent gets.

They kept ignoring her, and she kept showing up and winning races. Last year she took out the female road cyclist championship for Australia. This year she raced in India on the wrong bike (the Australian handlers SO stuffed up!!) for the Commonwealth games and didn't win, but was so disadvantaged it is no wonder. Phil Ligget kept wondering if she had dropped out, and we could all see her in the front of the pack, but they gave her the wrong bike and it had no transponder!! Doh!! I have never yelled at the TV so much!

So please, please. Give me my Christmas gift. No matter where you live, go to

and type in Ruth Corset as your nominee for Australian cyclist of the year. She SO deserves it, way over and above the girls who have been trained up at tax payers expense for years and years. She has re-mortgaged the house. She misses her kids. She dreams of the Olympics. She makes us so proud in Townsville.

you have until midday (AEST) Sunday 7 November. That would be like NOW in Canada!!