Friday, November 5, 2010

give me a gift

Lots of bloggers carry on about causes and raise funds for charities. I am not doing that. I am asking you to hurry and vote for a great local cyclist for Australian cyclist of the year. Ruth is a lovely and tough lady who came late to cycling. This means that she is a Mom in her 30s, and has had none of the 'development' opportunities that young talent gets.

They kept ignoring her, and she kept showing up and winning races. Last year she took out the female road cyclist championship for Australia. This year she raced in India on the wrong bike (the Australian handlers SO stuffed up!!) for the Commonwealth games and didn't win, but was so disadvantaged it is no wonder. Phil Ligget kept wondering if she had dropped out, and we could all see her in the front of the pack, but they gave her the wrong bike and it had no transponder!! Doh!! I have never yelled at the TV so much!

So please, please. Give me my Christmas gift. No matter where you live, go to

and type in Ruth Corset as your nominee for Australian cyclist of the year. She SO deserves it, way over and above the girls who have been trained up at tax payers expense for years and years. She has re-mortgaged the house. She misses her kids. She dreams of the Olympics. She makes us so proud in Townsville.

you have until midday (AEST) Sunday 7 November. That would be like NOW in Canada!!

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I must have just missed it Dee.