Sunday, November 7, 2010

love on the beach

Today was special day. We went to a wedding. I picked a basket of flowers and we went to a pretty beach location to bear witness to the marrage of our Vet, and his amazing cycling bride.
It was a lovely day, but grey skies meant I needed to harvest a bit of sunshine to strew about. When we got to the beach the Marriage Celebrant had been busy and there was a very tropical setting for a wedding.
A heart of fresh frangipani blooms in which to take your vows. How special is that? When the vows were taken we celebrated with a burst of colour!

Love is so grand! Mr. and Mrs. check the quality of my work on their excellent camera.
A wedding party of four. What a privilege to be asked to witness a wedding. They will have a bigger affair later down south, but this was the real deal. A lovely, lovely experience.

As we left the beach there was a man playing beautiful music on his guitar. Totally unplanned or expected, and absolutely perfect. The benefit of so much good Karma in the group.

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Theresa said...

What a beautiful day! How cool that you were a part of it.