Sunday, November 14, 2010

spring is autumn

Late spring/early summer is always an odd time of year for me. It is certainly spring, I even have a few spring bulbs to bloom and remind me. I assume this is an allium, what else could it be? This time of year it pops up in all the old gardens. One of those plants which was once fashionable and is so tough that it remains, hidden until a trigger of temperature or rain makes it appear.
I love its hot colour. Perfect for the first flushes of heliconias that are near it. When I planted this bulb (a find at the local market) it was in a sunny location at the front of a border. Now it is in dappled shade near the back, but it doesn't seem to matter.

I don't know the name of the coral coloured plant in the photo. It was a gift from my sister and is a good spreader by self seed. A salvia? Anyway, the tropical leafyness of the garden reminds me that I am not in the Maritimes anymore. I note too that the sugarcane mulch is holding up well.
So why am I confused that late spring is here?
Because it is pickling season! Winter is when I grow all my 'normal' veggies, like swiss chard, beets, onions and dill. You can never buy dill heads anywhere, so it is a treat to make some dill pickles now that my dill is ready. Beans are very cheap right now, so I will try and get some more jars together and get another batch or two done this week. They make a great hostess gift when you go to a party, because the locals have never heard of such a thing as dilling carrots and beans. It is funny to be such an "ethnic".

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Theresa said...

Dill pickles are the main thing I miss about the US - is that weird?