Wednesday, November 17, 2010

suffering for my art

I confess I am a cycling tragic. My body is a machine which delivers the goods in endorphins, kms and the satisfaction of a job well done. But my body is 51 years old, and I have had some issues.

I am working away a couple of weeks ago and I get an email from @jcu with university 'news', and on there is a reminder that we can get physio for 10 bucks the first visit, and 5 bucks there after. Yes they are students, but I figure I am sitting at my desk feeling like Quasimodo, so why not.

My first session was 3 full hours. I kid you not. I had every muscle assessed. My whole story noted, and a program of remedial exercise prescribed. I did a week of exercise, and went back for another assessment a week later. Better, much better, but feel this muscle? Can you control this? Can you hold your shoulders thus and flex this core muscle like this? Of course she can! She is an athlete! So make her learn this flexation, and do these exercises!

I swear I can't feel the pain in my shoulders because my ribs are killing me. I didn't think I would get through my program of six exercises this evening, but I guess the good thing about being "an athelete" is that you know how to HTFU and just do it. so I did. I feel better, really. Just DON'T touch my ribs, or my arms, or...

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