Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas day for us usually starts with a group ride, but it was raining hard this morning so that didn't happen. So a few coffees and phone calls with family, breakfast, then presents and pottering around. The full turkey monty lunch. It was lovely, if a bit dark while the rain pelted down. Certainly worth leaving the tree lights on all day, the house would have been gloomy otherwise.

Then our son went home, and we were left with nothing much to do in our empty nest. The sky got bright, and I looked at the radar and there was no "incoming" in sight. Quick! Lets go for a ride!

We had a fantastic ride to the dam. It felt wonderful to put all that turkey to good use. We carried on to do an additional loop around the back blocks, and the rain caught us. I really thought we were in for a decent break but I was wrong. We were just over that half way mark and made towards home in conditions that were sometimes blinding, with gusts to 50km hour. Thank heavens it was nice and warm!

So we got home completely drenched, elated, and with another 40+ kms under the wheels. What a great Christmas day. Now after a hot shower, with the old dog fed and content at my feet, a glass of champaign in hand, I hear-by declare this an excellent Christmas day. I hope you had a ripper too.


Once Known as The Badger said...

If you're out riding in bad weather, you're bad ass. Period. So some people say, anyway! Glad you made it home. Even gladder you got out for a bit, too.

Dee said...

You are only a bad ass if you are uncomfortable. It was such a nice temperature that all other issues were 'added interest' only. Luckily the worst of it was on a part of the road where the shoulder is probably as wide as the road itself, so I had room to fall off. We are very lucky here with our roads.