Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas flowers

I am on holidays, so Christmas is really happening around here. I am a real home body, so I like nothing more than pfaffing around the house and fluffing my possessions.

The lights are up in the yard, the tree is up and decorated, and I have just cut a Christmas bouquet.
Heliconia may seem a bit weird for Christmas, but this is when they are really coming on, and you have to admit the colour is pretty perfect.

Add some Canadian Christmas kitch and there you go! Sadly, my much loved snow domes are getting pretty yucky inside. The snow has dissolved and they have eerie slime clouds... just don't shake them and they look OK.
The full effect, we have had the same fake tree for more than a decade, so I guess that is pretty green. New LED lights this year though, and I will free-cycle the old ones. We are having a party before Christmas to cycle around and see some Christmas lights, so I have the motivation to get the house decorated. The Aussies love my Canadian take on the Christmas tree (a lifetime of accumulated, meaningful decorations) and I love thinking about everybody who gave me a special decoration over the years as I take them out of the box and place them on the tree.

I am feeling rather blissful. I have shopped online and gotten BoaB's gifts all sorted. I have a few things to get my son, but that will be fun. Rusty is still with us! (but he is very sleepy). Should be a good Christmas break.

Alarm set for a 5:30 start, I may be on holiday, but I have to ride!


Carol said...

Hi my love - I just showed this to mom, we both got very emotional. Mom says it's a loving testament to Christmas :)
We have a tree up this year - in the house!! it's been five years since dad last had to crawl under a tree every morning to water it,and the cats are very tickled about the whole thing. I helped put it up, and it was lit and decorated by the time I got back the next weekend. Ho Ho Ho!!

Dee said...

That is lovely to know. I hope it was a tree of their own, but I suppose they have gotten big now.

I was so thrilled to hang those FABULOUS sparkly sputnicks you gave me on the tree this year. I love them to bits. And all Mom's special things she has made, the angels and crochet snowflakes. There is hardly any "tat" on my tree, and that is why it looks so good!