Friday, December 31, 2010

final tally

Well I may as well do my sums and get my mileage up for the year. I wanted to ride today, but we had thundery showers here on the coast, and the roads on the inland loop I was thinking of are closed due to flooding. So we went for a hike up Castle Hill instead, sticking to the road as it was a bit wet and slippery. We caught a shower near the top and were grateful for the cool off!
(image from wikipedia, a nice entry about the hill)
286m climb over 3.3 km. I cannot even imagine doing it on my bike. I always tell people who chide me for not having a go that I have to save something for my 60th birthday. That gives me 9 years to get psyched up.

In case you are wondering, we live just beyond the upper left hand corner. That strip of beach is the Strand. Not sure why Townsville opted for the German, while Cairns went with the French Esplanade, and neither uses the obvious term 'Beach'. We have coffee on the strand with a big gang of other cyclists every Saturday morning.

Mileage - well it seems I only slightly bested last years total. Pretty bad when you consider I was away for 6 weeks and more last year, and hardly left town this year. Now that I am properly dialed onto the new bike I hope to get my weekly totals back up. This wet season could be a challenge though.

I use a super spreadsheet by Mark D Pankin (available here) to keep track of my daily kms. This years has some improvements like including last years monthly totals and best totals for inspiration. I think I am going to need a bit of that!

Happy New Year and safe cycling!


Once Known as The Badger said...

Closing in on 12,000! One for each month. It's been a great year reading your posts.

Dee said...

I have no excuse for not doing 1000 a month. I have been a bit lazy I think. I am not accepting anything less in 2011. Now when I can do those numbers in miles.... well then I'll be the real deal!