Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the rules

I get a kick out of reading blogs, and you tend to develop loyalty to a few bookmarked favorites. The velominati are a blog I follow. I find the male tribal lust for conformance and acceptance quite amusing, and I have perused all the rules they have cooked up that you must follow to be a true 'keeper of the cog'. They almost lost me with their anal take on road cycling, but the reference to commuters in the "yellow vest of righteousness" was so funny and clever that I was won over. Try being a sports cyclist and President of a BUG and you will treasure that too.

Then another true treasure of blogdom: ONCE KNOWN AS THE BADGER commented: "According to the Velominati and The Rules (they're a bunch of guys overburdened with the glories of the past because they never lived through it. And they have way too many rules...)"...

and I didn't feel so 'outside' any more. I totally respect and revere OKATB, he is my hero, up there with the very best and hardest of the life long hard men. So here is an old(er) women's take on the rules:
Rules 1, 5 and 10 are the only rules that matter. Live by those.

Be proud to be a cyclist. Rule 7 separates the sheep from the goats.

Rule 12 is your justification for shopping. nuf said.

Some rules regarding placement of tire pumps and seat bags and other nonsense should be ignored if you are a commuter. And I wear mtn bike shoes on my carbon road bike. I may have to walk some days, get over it.

Make cycling your own, develop your own style, be the best you can be. Apply rule 5 daily though, it isn't raining all that hard...


Once Known as The Badger said...

Hi Dee! What a great post, and thanks for the shout out. Fine tan line, too!

p.s. I didn't realize how truly tropical it is where you live.

Dee said...

I figured a veranda shot with bananas on view would be appropriate. I am also clutching a glass of red while I survey my domaine, which is pretty typical.

Groover said...

Nice post, Dee. I pictured the wine glass before you even mentioned it :-)

I'm proud to report that I break rules 58, 62 and 74 regularly and purposely. Rule 69; however, I broke recently in Phuket and I'm not proud of that one. Then again, is the Koppenberg 23% gradient?

Otherwise I follow every single one of them religiously, or are made to follow them by AMR (who makes me redo my tyres if the decals are not aligned with the valve...)

At least I know now where he's got all the rules from ... thanks!

Dee said...

I never break 58, I love my LBS and they love me. I buy a ton of kit online though. I too ignore 62. I love to ride by myself, and my ipod makes the experience nicer. 74 I agree with, but only because I don't care about data. I do data for a living, I don't want it intruding on my cycling. 69 is beyond me. I have a pathological terror of gradients which can only be solved by hill repeats on a tandem with OKATB.