Thursday, December 30, 2010

stuff and bother

I am probably going to move in 2011, we have a huge empty house and I grow tired of cleaning it. We migrated to Australia in 1995 with suitcases, and now we have a 5 bedroom high set house that is FULL. Where did all this stuff come from? I am NOT packing it and moving it.

I spent part of the day trying to revamp my files. Honestly, how much paper do you need to hold on to? Is there any point in retaining 10 year old rates notices (except to lament that it was cheap then, and now it is dear??) I am trying to focus on the now. If a cyclone wipes us out, what do we need to have at hand? If I get killed while riding, what does my family need to know, and is it all in one place?

I tried, really tried, to toss old cartographic equipment today. I will never use a ruling pen again, or a scriber, french curves, texture boards, erasing shields... but I couldn't do it. *sigh* I will take it to the office where it can languish in style. I may have occasion to shock and amaze young people with the way it was "when dinosaurs ruled the earth".

So much accumulated stuff, what a bother...


Ant said...

So glad you couldn't turf the old hardware. I put that in the same category as never throwing away tools. Simply does not happen.

I still have a compass from 1993 and a set of Derwents from 1988. Neither get used, but great to have all the same.

And on a slightly tangential note, the stereoscope at work just got donated to a museum.

For all the other stuff, decluttering is highly theraputic and beneficial. Except the bike stuff. I only get rid of that at the MTB club garage sales.

Dee said...

I did bite the bullet and toss the old electric eraser. It used to buzz and tingle your palm 15 years ago, and I figured it wasn't really safe any more.

We have sold a squillion dollars worth of old cartographic equipment as scrap metal in the last 5 years. It is just heart breaking, but stereo plotters, a zoom transfer scope and a HUGE first generation digital scanner just took up too much room. The microscope unit salvaged all the optics though, so that was a relief.