Monday, January 31, 2011

running scared

Well now the storm has tracked north. The wind field is huge though, and so we should get about a category 2 effect from the severe category 4. My poor sister in Cairns is going to get the full storm though! Hang in there Mae!! I guess the laundry room will be the safest spot.

The bikes and valuables have gone to the lock up at my son's place. We will go around tomorrow and stay if it seems like we should. I am actually looking forward to some card games, and maybe a cruel round of scrabble...
Well if you are sick of reading about cyclones I can assure you I am sick of writing about cyclones. This is the biggest cyclone in recorded history. Special! We are packing up and preparing to evacuate. We have tomorrow and Wednesday to get it all sorted.

We have the most beautiful house, I hope it survives. However, I know that I cannot hold it together with my arms and keep it safe, so I will take all the valuables and go to my son's place, which is higher above sea level and sturdier in construction. We will be ready for a week without power, we are good campers. I hope we can fit all the bikes in the storage room at our son's! If not they may appear in the lounge!

Updates will follow til Wednesday night/Thursday morning. After that, power willing.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

tis nothing

It is dead still here, and no rain at all. Go figure. Looks like business as usual tomorrow. Ride to the dam, work, ride home. sweet.

getting ready

Well the most important task is done, I got out and did my ride before the rain started. I have made my goal for the month, and a good thing too as tomorrow isn't looking to great.
I hope it isn't too windy but I am keen to see how the new and improved guttering and downpipes to the curb work. Not sure what time I will get to work in the morning, but it looks like the worst should be over by the time I usually leave, so we will hope it is a sort of normal (if a bit wet) day.

If this satellite image is anything to go by:

Well we ain't seen noting yet! That little wee cyclone bearing down on us is just running away from the monster that is chasing him! Could be an interesting week.

latest update:
If it keeps sliding south I can start relaxing about all the stuff I need to stash away.

Friday, January 28, 2011

doh! more weather!

Not looking good for Monday. I have 80 kms to ride to meet my monthly imperative of 1000. I may just do them all tomorrow, just in case. We have the hatches battened down, and lots of improved guttering that I am actually happy to see tested (hope it doesn't blow off). Candles out, fresh gas bottles for the stove, ice made. *sigh* bring it on I suppose.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

issues at home

I have an old dog. A really old and crippled dog. I thought he may have to be put down this weekend, but my vet has offered comfort and love to all of us, as well as medication to ease Rusty's life, and we are on hold. I got a doggy smootch this morning before I got up, and this is rare. I think he is saying "I'm OK". I hope so.

I found a terrific blog today. Perfect for a gal who is stressed over her dog. You may be offended, or you may have a laugh. I needed a laugh today so I am grateful. I am a bit wicked though.

All these doggy ructions have messed up my riding though, as have thunder storms and various aliments. Bummer, but life is a test after all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the off season

I suffer when it is cool (it is never cold here) but sometimes I do it tough in the heat. I rolled out later than I should have this morning, and after only about 10 minutes the clouds parted and the sun scalded me. The roads were still wet from rain and steam rose in a hot cloud. The sweat dripped off my chin and splattered my top tube. A world of warm liquid.

I felt languid, but appreciated the flex of my warm legs. Easy in a cross wind. Strong in the thick air. No drama in the turgid head winds, just riding, grateful for the breeze I generate with my speed. Not a time for speed records, but the best time to be cycling.

The ride home at the end of the day was an urgent race against thunderstorms. It got dark at the office and I kitted up quickly after looking at the radar. Big cells bearing down from the inland. So I rode home like the wind, the bike path deserted and my heart pounding as the thunder rumbled. I had two minutes to spare before the rain hit. I love summer.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

geeze I am getting old.

The Map Room is a regular of mine, and recently they posted a link to this map:

which is the internet in 1972 (click the map to go to the hosting site). I have been collecting maps of the internet for a year or so, because it is such an amazing and changing thing. This will be my earliest image. Sure I was 12-13, and had never heard of a computer. 9 years later I would study cartography and learn how to use ruling pens, and scribers, and work in a darkroom.

Are human beings adaptable and resilient? Yes we are!

Speaking of resilience, hats off to everyone down south for banding together and moving past a disaster. People from away can get good up to date info at a major Brisbane paper, the Courier Mail. All good here, the sun is shining and I am on track to meet this years imperative of 1000 kms a month. Fingers crossed we get La Nina to bed in March with no more major ructions.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

distracted by disaster

We are Ok here in Townsville. The situation in the south east corner of the state is horrific. If I can volunteer my expertise I will be taking leave and helping with any spatial data gathering and modelling that needs doing. In the mean time I will be baking and raising funds as women have always done.

We are no longer on a flash flood warning, but the situation in Brisbane is dire. News is available from the ABC at Keep in mind the we are over 1000 kms from Brisbane, but the whole east coast of Queensland if effected in varying degrees by wet weather.

I have been able to get to work on my bike, but training is on hold while flooded intersections and broken bitumen are an issue. The "loop" at the University is in terrible shape from a flash flood last night, so there is one of my favorite training circuits gone. I am so glad we have a high house, and a Canadian sense of "plenty in the pantry". Food could get scarce as all transport is cut, but we are always ready for that and will be fine.

I hope that everyone in the Brisbane area is safe. We are glued to the net and the news as events unfold. A case or two of wine in the cellar, analog scrabble and cribbage at the ready. Lots of candles, a solar radio on hand. We live at 7.5 m above sea level. Fingers crossed for continued fine-ish weather.