Tuesday, January 11, 2011

distracted by disaster

We are Ok here in Townsville. The situation in the south east corner of the state is horrific. If I can volunteer my expertise I will be taking leave and helping with any spatial data gathering and modelling that needs doing. In the mean time I will be baking and raising funds as women have always done.

We are no longer on a flash flood warning, but the situation in Brisbane is dire. News is available from the ABC at http://www.abc.net.au/emergency/flood/ Keep in mind the we are over 1000 kms from Brisbane, but the whole east coast of Queensland if effected in varying degrees by wet weather.

I have been able to get to work on my bike, but training is on hold while flooded intersections and broken bitumen are an issue. The "loop" at the University is in terrible shape from a flash flood last night, so there is one of my favorite training circuits gone. I am so glad we have a high house, and a Canadian sense of "plenty in the pantry". Food could get scarce as all transport is cut, but we are always ready for that and will be fine.

I hope that everyone in the Brisbane area is safe. We are glued to the net and the news as events unfold. A case or two of wine in the cellar, analog scrabble and cribbage at the ready. Lots of candles, a solar radio on hand. We live at 7.5 m above sea level. Fingers crossed for continued fine-ish weather.


Ant said...

Dee, glad you guys are going OK. I was wondering today how all the northerners were coping.

I too am wondering if we'll get the call up and be sent up to assist.

Having said that, we formed an ICT twice for flooding down here over the last couple of months, and the GIS side was spectacularly lo-tech. Pretty much just plotting flood extent as gathered by fixed wing aircraft, and plotting point river heights.

Thoughts are with everyone up there, I hope that the outcome is not as bad as we're fearing.

Theresa said...

If I can offer any baking assistance, please let me know. I feel like I should be helping in some way, but there really isn't much I can do. But I can bake!

Groover said...

Ah, now I understand! BoaB has been secretly practising with you, that's why he is messing up my great score track record in Scrabble. LOL