Saturday, January 15, 2011

geeze I am getting old.

The Map Room is a regular of mine, and recently they posted a link to this map:

which is the internet in 1972 (click the map to go to the hosting site). I have been collecting maps of the internet for a year or so, because it is such an amazing and changing thing. This will be my earliest image. Sure I was 12-13, and had never heard of a computer. 9 years later I would study cartography and learn how to use ruling pens, and scribers, and work in a darkroom.

Are human beings adaptable and resilient? Yes we are!

Speaking of resilience, hats off to everyone down south for banding together and moving past a disaster. People from away can get good up to date info at a major Brisbane paper, the Courier Mail. All good here, the sun is shining and I am on track to meet this years imperative of 1000 kms a month. Fingers crossed we get La Nina to bed in March with no more major ructions.

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