Sunday, January 30, 2011

getting ready

Well the most important task is done, I got out and did my ride before the rain started. I have made my goal for the month, and a good thing too as tomorrow isn't looking to great.
I hope it isn't too windy but I am keen to see how the new and improved guttering and downpipes to the curb work. Not sure what time I will get to work in the morning, but it looks like the worst should be over by the time I usually leave, so we will hope it is a sort of normal (if a bit wet) day.

If this satellite image is anything to go by:

Well we ain't seen noting yet! That little wee cyclone bearing down on us is just running away from the monster that is chasing him! Could be an interesting week.

latest update:
If it keeps sliding south I can start relaxing about all the stuff I need to stash away.


Groover said...

Buckle up! I hope it's not another disaster for Queensland! Haven't we had enough bad weather to last us a decade?

Dee said...

it has moved further south. We should have a bit of a storm, but Bowen is in for a rough night.

We will have another year of wetter than average, but after next wet season I wager we slip into a big drought. Haven't had a bad one here for over 15 years, so enjoy the water while you can!!