Sunday, January 23, 2011

issues at home

I have an old dog. A really old and crippled dog. I thought he may have to be put down this weekend, but my vet has offered comfort and love to all of us, as well as medication to ease Rusty's life, and we are on hold. I got a doggy smootch this morning before I got up, and this is rare. I think he is saying "I'm OK". I hope so.

I found a terrific blog today. Perfect for a gal who is stressed over her dog. You may be offended, or you may have a laugh. I needed a laugh today so I am grateful. I am a bit wicked though.

All these doggy ructions have messed up my riding though, as have thunder storms and various aliments. Bummer, but life is a test after all.


Theresa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Rusty dog :( Sending hugs your way.

Dee said...

Thanks Theresa. I will give Rusty an extra hug from you. His cheeks are in danger of going bald from my kisses!

The Old Bag said...

Sorry to read about your pup -- hope he's rallying.

The website is a hoot!

Dee said...

I am glad you liked it, I thought it was very funny (love the cyclist post). My old dog is still doing really well, he amazes me. My vet will tell me if I am crossing the line of suffering for the sake of the people. He really has responded well and is happy and silly, if rather stiff. Life without him will be a bit bleak, so I am very grateful.