Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the off season

I suffer when it is cool (it is never cold here) but sometimes I do it tough in the heat. I rolled out later than I should have this morning, and after only about 10 minutes the clouds parted and the sun scalded me. The roads were still wet from rain and steam rose in a hot cloud. The sweat dripped off my chin and splattered my top tube. A world of warm liquid.

I felt languid, but appreciated the flex of my warm legs. Easy in a cross wind. Strong in the thick air. No drama in the turgid head winds, just riding, grateful for the breeze I generate with my speed. Not a time for speed records, but the best time to be cycling.

The ride home at the end of the day was an urgent race against thunderstorms. It got dark at the office and I kitted up quickly after looking at the radar. Big cells bearing down from the inland. So I rode home like the wind, the bike path deserted and my heart pounding as the thunder rumbled. I had two minutes to spare before the rain hit. I love summer.

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Once Known as The Badger said...

Nothing beats out riding the rain (as opposed to being out riding in the rain)!