Monday, January 31, 2011

running scared

Well now the storm has tracked north. The wind field is huge though, and so we should get about a category 2 effect from the severe category 4. My poor sister in Cairns is going to get the full storm though! Hang in there Mae!! I guess the laundry room will be the safest spot.

The bikes and valuables have gone to the lock up at my son's place. We will go around tomorrow and stay if it seems like we should. I am actually looking forward to some card games, and maybe a cruel round of scrabble...
Well if you are sick of reading about cyclones I can assure you I am sick of writing about cyclones. This is the biggest cyclone in recorded history. Special! We are packing up and preparing to evacuate. We have tomorrow and Wednesday to get it all sorted.

We have the most beautiful house, I hope it survives. However, I know that I cannot hold it together with my arms and keep it safe, so I will take all the valuables and go to my son's place, which is higher above sea level and sturdier in construction. We will be ready for a week without power, we are good campers. I hope we can fit all the bikes in the storage room at our son's! If not they may appear in the lounge!

Updates will follow til Wednesday night/Thursday morning. After that, power willing.


Groover said...

Fingers crossed nobody gets hurt!

Jill said...

Be safe and update us when you can! We're thinking of you here in NS.

Dee said...

Thanks Groover and Jill for checking in. It is so still right now, it is hard to believe what we are in for. A busy day ahead.

Mae said...

We've battened the hatches! We have enough food, water and kitty litter to survive Armagedden. That's how we spell it in Cairns, although you may spell it differently where you are.