Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Ok

I will post pictures later, I am on the wrong laptop right now. I need to get out and take some shots of the neighbourhood. We live in one of Townsville's prettiest, leafiest neighbourhoods, and the destruction to the vegetation is horrific. All those nests and bee holes, so sad.

I was really afraid for my sea eagles, but they were back honking and bellowing the next day, and the curlews are calling at night. Lots of bee eaters in the yard as well.

Our yard is a bit trashed, but now that we have hauled out the worst of the windfall and Scott has done a whip around with the mower it looks surprisingly good. We need the professionals to come in and clear high, damaged limbs on trees, but that could take months. It all looks stable, I don't think anything will come crashing down.

Still no power, but the nice people behind us are on a different grid and have power. We have run an extension lead for the necessities of life, the bar fridge and the internet! We have wonderful neighbours.

Will post photos this evening, just wated you to know we came through it OK.

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Groover said...

So glad to hear, Dee.