Monday, February 7, 2011

living with no power

I didn't update the photos as promised. What he said. 'nuf said.

doh. I just dribbled wax on my keyboard.

Last night I was utterly exhausted. I "hit the wall" without getting on my bike. I dragged myself up for a harrowing ride on the main roads to work, since the bikeway is either trashed or under water. I had to actually yell at people, and got every red light, and it sucked and was stressful. I want my routine back. I want my bikeway back.

I got to work and my communications board was fried, as were most of the comms, so no access to files, no internet, no email. Great. I had a pretty productive day reorganising data and making maps with data at hand. The the ride home got me a pinch flat when I hit a small branch, and I fumbled the tube change so badly I was really late getting home. Even the dog was worried.

So still blogging by candlelight. It is too hard to get photos organised in the dark. Anyway, what Boab put up pretty much says it all. Trees are down everywhere. Every street is littered with debris. I am riding to the dam tomorrow, even if I have to pick up my bike and leap over logs. I want normal back.


Theresa said...

I hope you've got power back by now! We got ours back Monday arvo - the most frustrating part was that on Sunday night we could see houses with electricity about 30metres down the road on both sides of us! You're more than welcome to come plug anything in here, since we're so close!

Dee said...

We got power Wednesday. I was never so happy to do laundry!

T. Joseph Adams said...

Sorry to come into this so late Dee... I feel like a dick. Tell Scott I feel for you both.


Dee said...

He has been told, and we appreciate your thoughts.