Sunday, February 27, 2011

new and improved

As if cleaning up after a big cyclone wasn't bad enough, we were at the demolition phase of a bathroom renovation when it struck. Our plumber/reno magician was dealing with disasters and getting ready to visit Canada (an activity I totally support) but in one day he did the deed, minus trims and fiddly bits.Here is a photo for my family who remember well the pine and yellow melamine symphony of what existed before. I went shopping for a more decorative bin and bits, but I failed in the attempt. Later baby. By the way, the walls are flat white coffee, not yellow. It was getting dark by the time I took this shot.

BoaB and I got the medicine cabinet up this arv. It was epic, fraught and my arms hurt. Looks bloody marvelous though.

We had a small ride for coffee this morning. Saturday standard was rained out. I am SO NOT OK to do the time trial next weekend. I will be old and slow and kind of fat but I'll do it anyway. The shame of it all. Ah well, let the racing season commence.


Mae said...

The bathroom reno looks great! When the racing season commences, I bet everyone is in the same shape as you. The rain has rained on everybody. Well, ok, not on me. I did 25k this morning, dry as.

Dee said...

I may have to set up the trainer. The reno does look amazing for what we spent. As for a slow start to the season, well at least I should be able to look forward to beating my time come fall. It will give me something to train for.