Thursday, February 17, 2011

returning to nothing

I confess, I am a bad cyclist. All I wanted today was to plug in the ipod and cycle to the dam (18.6 km) in a mental 5 minutes. Sure it takes longer, but if you get in the right zone it takes an instant. I had a sufferfest of wind, but it was a short ride. I arrived at work soaked, elated and relaxed at 34 kms. Life is good. I hope to roll a routine of good rides in March. Enough with the weather already!


Mae said...

You're right! I rode farther than you in Feb, and I don't even cycle. Bring your assorted bike garments when you come to Cairns and I'll find you a bike.

Dee said...

I will! I love doing laps of your loop. I'll get in over 200 kms this week, so get busy on the stationary bike.