Thursday, February 10, 2011

these trees were my friends

This used to be a blog that was mostly about cycling, and now it is about natural disasters. Not my choice. My cycling is on hold because the streets are dangerous. So much fallen vegetation, and the drivers distracted and rattled at the sight of so many fallen trees, piles of slash and fences fallen like dominoes. I ride to work and back every day on a route that is too short, but mostly clear of obstacles. I am in a foreign land.
A much loved and venerable rain tree that shaded a whole intersection near my house. It was lovely and my heart is broken.

One mango has exploded in the force of the wind while others are lightly pruned. Quite strange but very sad. The ubiquitous pile of slash at the curb.
Sigh, a pretty grove of rain trees at the bottom of my street. Still some standing though, so all is not lost.
Removing slash outside my building at work.

It is hard not to feel unsettled by the forced change of routine. Things are returning to normal though. We got power back yesterday. One week seems like a wonder really, when you see all the damage. I am volunteering to help tidy the Uni on Saturday, the heavy lifting was being done today by endless trucks and machines.

At home things are getting better. Gardening is all about control, and we are regaining that.


Theresa said...

Aw, Brownhill and all its raintrees is my favourite street in Townsville, and my dream future-home location. So sad to see the trees wrecked! And the uni won't even be recognisable once they finish clearing everything up :(

Dee said...

I always coveted that little house on the corner with it's giant rain tree. I guess I don't any more :( Brownhill is still my favorite street though.

T. Joseph Adams said...

I've been living in my own little world up her Dee. Sorry for your troubles and now New Zealeands' troubles...

-T Joseph Adams

Dee said...

There will always be troubles. New Zealand is very hard. At least we had a chance to prepare. I am gutted by the devastation in Christchurch. Such a pretty place. The toll of lives there makes our cyclone truly nothing. We are safe.