Wednesday, February 2, 2011

waiting it out

Well we are tucked up at our son's, the power is still on (obviously) and we have a big slow cooker of turkey and veg working away towards supper. Gusts up to 75 km/hr now, it looks like it is raining like mad on the radar but it is just a light mist so far.Quality time with the laptops. Scott in correspondence with my sister and brother in law, who are at the office at JCU rather than risking being home if the house looses the roof. We are going to cop about a Cat 3 storm here, they are getting a 4+, the numbers stop at 5 so that is what Innisfail is getting. My son's roomie has had a few calls from his Mom in Innisfail and they are doing OK but very scared.
Rusty is settled in well now. It is so amazingly quiet behind double glazing and with a floor of apartments above, you have to look out the window to realise it is stormy out there. If we were home it would be a lot more wild and he would be very nervous.

We may have to put a pot plant on the deck to encourage natural functions, the elevator is off and there is no way Rusty is going to get up and down 4 flights of stairs to the grass!

A victim of the GFC, the heritage listed hospital sits empty. It was supposed to be swank apartments by now. It whistles when a big wind comes through the empty windows, and I am assured it will sing with strange resonances when things really get going.

So now we wait, fingers crossed we can go home tomorrow.


Ant said...

Dee, BoaB, glad you're both prepared and safe. Think it is going to be a long and nervous night. Els's folks are in Ingham and hunkered down. Please keep us informed as much as you can, I'm sure comms will be going down at some point, and it might be the not knowing that will be the worst.

Stay safe and good luck.

Once Known as The Badger said...

You folks have really gotten the weather lately! Hope all is well.

Groover said...

How are you guys? Have you had the chance to return to your home? All good there? I suspect you may be still without power. Post an update as soon as you are back on the grid, please!

Patrick said...

Hey guys, the aforementioned son here. No damage done to the house, though the yard has seen better days. Still waiting on power to come back on at their house, but otherwise all is well.

Hopefully an update coming as soon as Dee's back online, we all know Ergon are working as fast as they can and they've done a crazily good job so far.

Mae said...

As all the media commentary put it, Cairns "dodged a bullet". I haven't seen or heard of any damage to buildings, and power stayed on in most suburbs. Minimal vegetation damage. As we were driving out of our neighbourhood this morning to do some sightseeing, we saw a Torres Strait pigeon sitting on the grass. Eric approached it, thinking it was injured, and it flew away. It had been cuddling its chick, which must have blown out of the nest. It didn't have a chance on the ground, so we took it to the vet where they cared for it until it could be collected by a trained wildlife carer. Damage to habitat has been very serious, and I'm sure the pigeon chick is not the only wild creature needing help, but the news reports only talk about people and the built environment.

Carol said...

Mae and Patrick - thanks for updates! I reckoned the power was still out, and have been following the Bully for news. I wash i could help with the clean up, but I'll remain here (permanently attached to my shovel, it seems) with more snow on the way. Mom and dad OK - about 2 feet in the driveway but the plow man came. I'm heading up shortly - anothe foot in the forecast. It seems like the family is having a 'weathered' time everywhere!