Friday, February 25, 2011

winners are grinners

I have pretty good luck, as evidenced by my sweet husband, best dog ever, great job, etc etc. So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I won a couple of prizes at a fund raising trivia night last Sunday. I should have blogged about it sooner, but after a night of hilarity and a LOT of wine I had to get home, pack and get on a flight at 5:50 am. blech! I never even had time to look at what I won!

Now I am back from gorgeous Cairns. It was such a balm to be where it is green and undisturbed. No broken trees and twisted fences, just the most lovely tropical setting.

So what did I win? A bottle of wine (like I need more wine!) but it looks like a good one. And a big prize of a load of beauty "stuff". This is hilarious, because while I probably need it more than most, I am also less likely to actually use it.
  • hair styling. I am over hair styling, I don't want my hair cut OR coloured. Really.
  • Ungents for your hair. I may use some, but there is a lot I will give away. Straightener. Seriously. I have the straightest hair on earth.
  • gift certificate for more of the above. A great gift, although I could use it for 'blue shampoo' if they have that sort of stuff I suppose.
Any way, of all the girls I know I am the least deserving of such a prize. On the other hand, my indifference to girl y things will mean we all win as I glad hand the bits around, so I guess that is a good outcome.

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