Sunday, March 20, 2011

a busy weekend

It was not supposed to be a busy weekend. But sometimes shit happens. Like the wing beat of a butterfly in the distant past, a small event casts a very long shadow.

Wednesday evening we were watching TV. We seldom watch TV but we like the New Inventors on ABC so we were watching that, and then inertia led to watching the next show because we like Adam Hill and hope his new show gets interesting soon.

The picture on our old CRT had gone distinctly hourglass shaped and weird, but I was insisting that we could still see what was happening, and we watched most of our TV on the internet anyway, so why buy a new TV. Then the picture sprang out to full normal size. "see, says I , it just needed a proper warming up period!" Then the smell of burning wires, and actual smoke rising from the TV signaled the end of CRT television at our house.

Thursday evening was a festive shopping trip with our son as advisor to look at new TVs. We had room in the old layout of the lounge for a 36cm TV. But such were the dazzling displays of larger and more useful and energy efficient TVs that I decided to rearrange the room to accommodate a 42in LED. For the environment of course.

So Saturday I empty the bookcases, because we are moving the room around.
So now my usual weekend cleaning regime is overtaken by rearrangement chaos. And I tell BoaB that I just need some time to vacuum the dirt and wash the walls. And I do that and we look around and he says, "well, we need to wash the ceilings too" Except they don't wash up that well so we need to repaint
And meanwhile I am looking at other walls in other rooms and you would think this house was occupied by ferals! So I share the ladder and scrub the walls in other rooms while we paint the TV room.
Day two and I am just staying out of the way thanks. While this is going on there is laundry to be done, and toilets to be scrubbed. Racing was canceled today (Sunday) because the roads have totally broken up, so I have all day and all my energy to deal with this. Well I cleaned and washed well beyond that room.
We managed to get things functional for cycling central at 5. Yes this is dusk in the tropics.
All surfaces washed and things starting to return to normal.
So this is the thing that destroyed my weekend, Too heavy for me and Boab to to lug downstairs, we will have to get a dumpster and a couple of blokes to dispose of it. And the wall behind? Stripped at last of the brackets and strips of a bookcase. Welcome to my new hobby. Wallpaper online. Bold and reto thanks!


Trevor Woodford said...

Great how one thing leads to another.....I would rather be cycling...Ha Ha


Theresa said...

Sounds like fun! I have renter's envy - so even though you're probably writing in a grumbly way about all of the cleaning and painting and rearranging, it makes me wish I could do the same! Soon, soon...

Dee said...

Oh Teresa I know! It is hard to make a start, and Townsville is so expensive. We are lucky indeed to have such a nice place.