Sunday, March 6, 2011

feeling the hunger

I have been on hold awhile. Yes I cycle a lot, but my 'training' has fallen right off. It is one thing to cycle, quite another to do it in anger. I need to get my groove back, so BoaB and I signed up for the start of the road racing season, a 10 km time trial along the foreshore of Pallarenda.
BoaB is in charge of paying the rego (that's him in blue TCC club kit). I never have cash, typical woman.

Notice how green it is, and how much fallen vegetation is still lying around on the ground. It was a fantastic roll up of 51 punters, a new record. We arrived at 6:30 after a good effort to the start of the race to stand around for an hour+ before the actual start. At least I was number 3 based on my sterling effort last year. BoaB was 4 because he didn't do the time trial last year, and I guess they figured it would be nice if we went together.

Legs were cold and leaden by the start. Not a fantastic effort on the 5 km outward leg, as the cross wind was a bit challenging. BoaB passed me before the turn (doh! that wasn't supposed to happen!) and then we turned into a serious headwind. I did my best but my legs just died. I am not as fit as this time last year, and the wind was a much bigger factor this year. Result, add one full minute+ to last years time. *sigh*

The good news is it is great to be back competing. I may be the slowest rider in the club, but I feel the excitement. It is good to have a go, good to think about trying harder. I feel a bit of hunger i didn't feel before, and this will improve my rides.

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