Sunday, March 27, 2011

just being

I want to be a cyclist, but sometimes you have to be content with just being. I was ill much of the week, and I am feeling poorer for the experience. I wasn't up for a time trial and a road race today, so I just went for a ride. The time trial was up Hervey's Range, which I have never successfully climbed. It is only 4 kms of 9%, but is beyond me. I had a go, ahead of the field while they pffafed about with registration, but I remain defeated. So if you are going to fail, at least take photos.
The usually dry tropics enjoying the prolonged wet season provided by La Nina. The mountains are all rocky and shed water for ages. So special.
Sunrise over the coastal plain. Because I had stopped for a walk I could catch my breath, and hear the rainforest chorus at my back as I gazed across the (usually) dry plain to the Coral Sea.

Amazing vegetation. It is blooming marvelous after all the wet and I saw gullies that were artistically arranged with native plants. It was like the very best landscape artist had made the gardens, but then I do think nature is the designer most worthy of emulation. I saw native gardenias, and button flowers, a wisteria that is new to me (?) and the air was heavy with sweet molasses grass.

OK, so I failed (again) to climb I hill. It is still there and so am I. I'll try again soon. If only to fail again on a warm, fragrant morning with all of the best blooms of the monsoonal dry tropics spread before me. Life is sweet.

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Theresa said...

It looks beautiful. Sometimes on very rainy mornings when we drive in I can see waterfalls coming off Mt Stuart.