Monday, March 14, 2011

not just a road cyclist

Since the cyclone we have had a lot of rain. The ground is soft and wet, but the council soldiers on removing fallen trees and debris, so now the parkway along the bike path is a sodden, mucky, stinking churned up mess, and the bikeway has no drainage from all the churned up mud along it and is a big smelly puddle. Where it is 'good' they have mowed, and left drifts of grass clippings which have decayed into an oily mass of slime. I am actually excited to see drifts of gravel, because at least they offer a bit of traction.

Too bad we don't have cyclocross here, I reckon I am trained up and ready to have a go.


Theresa said...

Yesterday we experienced the mud, and the gravel, and the grass clipping mats. And on top of that, Council workers rapelling from trees, trimming them, taking up the path with themselves and things like clip boards just set on the ground. Easy not to notice a clip board when you're watching the people and aiming not to hit them when they walk right out in front of you. Not fun!

Dee said...

And what is it with the trucks sitting with the doors wide open across the path! I took the bus this morning (1 hour 10 minutes from my door to work) I can WALK faster than that.