Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wildlife rescue

When I rolled out this morning it was looking promising for a decent ride. But before I even got to the end of my street I came across a poor, stunned and bedraggled female supurb fruit dove. I had never seen one before outside of books, so I stopped, planted myself in traffic to protect her and took my JCU polo out of the knapsac. I dropped it on her and scooped her up.

I confess I cried, I was so sad to see such a rare bird so far from home and in strife. This is a rainforest bird far from the rainforest, and I was sick with worry. I got her home and into a box, where she promptly fell asleep. I gave her some berries but she was too tired to care.

I called the local Wildlife Carers and someone came to my house and collected my wee girly. She would recuperate with a number of her own kind, and then be released. Hopefully there will be more fruit in the trees by then. I think she was just weak with hunger.

The government of Australia has given a lump sum to those of us who were affected by the cyclone. I took mine with glee, because I had a plan. I would spend it on things I value and that my taxes don't support. I have given a big chunk to the NQ Wildlife Care mob. Bless them all for doing such an important job out of the goodness of their hearts.


Theresa said...

Great use of cyclone relief money. And good on you for stopping. What a pretty bird - how sad to see it in the street!

Groover said...

Such a heart-warming story... glad you got there before a car or cat could get her...