Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day road trip

A five day weekend is such a good idea I think we should do it more often. I love to be home, no place I would rather be. I have done some good rides, had a fabulous dinner with friends. I have cleaned and baked and done a lot of gardening. So yesterday when I friend put up some images on facebook of a near by goldrush town I have never visited I said to Boab, lets go.No mobile coverage in Ravenswood, but it does have Streetview, which is why I was excited to go!
The most classic outback architecture, got to love the full tin house.
There were chimneys everywhere, sole survivors of mills long gone.
And the architecture of the gold rush era! Devine! Nothing but decline has happened since it seems, even though there are active gold mines still. It seems those who still live in the community are pretty switched on though, and there was lots to see.

Sadly closed when we were there.
School of the Arts building, still the cultural hub of the community. I would go there for a play or concert just for the ambiance.
On the way home there was wildlife. Few fences, and the grass is sweetest on the road verge.
Goats! I absolutely adore goats!!
When we got home we did chores, because that is what people of a certain vintage do to fill their days. Some people cycle more than us, but they don't have a huge house of a quarter acre of jungle. We finally got a skip in so we could get rid of the dead, giant CRT. Not a small job.
We put it in the wheelbarrow, and BoaB rigged a rope that let me lower it as he eased it down the stairs. It all went well (a palm tree was lightly bruised) but I wished we had a Bluenoser in attendance, as I felt a bit inadequate.
Anyway, we got the beast down the stairs without strain or injury. I asked the dog to take photos but he fell asleep. The old TV is now in a huge skip with a lot of vegetation, the matching stand, and a sigh of relief. Still some weeding and mulching to go, but tomorrow is another holiday, so no pressure. A ride in the morning and a day of gardening - bliss!


Miff said...

Hi Dee

Nice post, and it made me reminisce of my childhood countrylands...(Clermont/Belyando/Charters Towers area). Those are fine looking Brahmans! (and goats). Where did you go? Ravenswood? Charters Towers? The latter home to me as I was one of the many grazing/farming property (Ranch!!) children sent to school in Charters Towers...


Theresa said...

I love Ravenswood! Did you get to go into the museum? There are some cool ghost stories that the old guy there can tell...

Dee said...

We did go to the museum, it was lovely to talk to the people there. The community garden was really good too, I would visit again just to see how that is going.