Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh behave!

I have tried very hard to be good this week. Last week I was quite ill so I took a day off the bike and then soldiered on. Saturday I lead out the coffee ride and inflicted some discomfort on the guys. Ha!

Wrong answer. This Sunday I was coshed up the side of the head (and several other places) and Monday I stayed in bed. Tuesday I couldn't get a doctors appointment so I rode to work and sweated it out. Wednesday the weather turned and it is cool, dry and perfect, and I have gritted my teeth and just commuted to work. It is killing me!

I have strategies for good behaviour.
1) Wear normal clothes. Groover would have liked my retro-ish fixie outfits of slim shorts (Zoic) and singlets, but you sure don't want to do 30+ kms in them.
2) Just water in the bidon. If you go too far you will suffer later
3) Second cup of coffee in the morning. Those of us who are the 'world's greatest employees' can't stand being late, so leave no time for a long ride.
4) Pay attention to the body. If you are sweating, you can tell if it is a good sweat or a bad one.
5) Listen to the legs. If they are sandbagging a slow commute, you are not well, don't push it.

So I have an op day tomorrow, and I will do a long gentle ride. Really. I won't bust a gut. I am much better and I want a longish ride. I'll behave.


Groover said...

Can I employ you as my stylist and dress adviser? :-) You'll have to elaborate a bit more and maybe show some photos to prompt my imagination, once you feel better of course. Here are some well-wishes. Don't over-do it and get better quickly!

Dee said...

don't give up the padding! I'll try and fit in a photoshoot of edgy, sweaty cotton