Saturday, April 16, 2011

something to blog about

Today at 3:30 ish in the afternoon we had an earthquake. I was sitting on the front deck just cracking a cycling magazine. We had a plumber installing fascia along one side of the house. He was making that hammer sound of putting in screws and the house started to shake. BoaB was in the
front yard and I hollered out (I am a loud person) what is Graeme doing?? He is making the house shake! So BoaB yells at Graeme, who stops and the house shakes more. Then the bushes in the yard start shaking and we know we are having an earthquake!
It was very strange to experience an earthquake in your own home. It lasted for a very long minute or so and I wondered about damage, and should I get off the deck. Our old dog was wondering what was happening, so I stayed with him and then it was over. Very strange though, and I have some research to do on the frequency of earthquakes here and what is going on re:crustal boundaries. I thought we were deep on a plate, not a boundary. Very interesting.
Just as I was relaxing because cyclone season is over.

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Theresa said...

Crazy, hey? I was at a party up in Bluewater and about three of us noticed the house shaking, but assumed it was my friend's kid running around, since it's a highset with wood floors. We made a joke that there was an earthquake. An hour or so later someone pulled out a computer and we realised it really was an earthquake! Let us know what you find out about the plates and such, because I thought the same as you...