Sunday, April 10, 2011

you beauty

I had a good day. Left home at 6:20 or so, which is a bit of a sleep in for the weekend. Rode to the V8 track for a criterion on the most beautiful fall morning. Fresh and clear, with dawn breaking as I rode the bikeway to the V8 track. You can tell it is fall because the air smells sweet. The puddles are drying up now that the rain has eased. A few days of dry and wind and the season has changed.

There was a big roll up for the race by our standards, over 40, with 12 in D grade. C and D started one minute apart, and raced 'together'. You can imagine my surprise when they called roll and I was placed in C grade! I contested the placing and was moved bace to D, where I OWN last place. We took off with the usual scatter that is the mark of a race where it is every man (or woman) for themselves. There is no plan, nobody (to my knowledge) builds an alliance before the race. We take off, and sort ourselves out on the fly. D grade is for individuals.

The guys were full of beans and took off at a fast pace from the start. I was still deciding if I was feeling well enough to race (is that Up'n Go going to make me throw up) as they steamed away, so I settled in to the usual ITT. A couple of laps in and I see a friend ahead, a newbie to racing, so I catch her and we start working together. This is a new experience for me, so I am happy for a chance to share the effort and try a team approach.

It was a magnificent morning. There was almost no wind, it was the easiest race on the track I have ever done. Nice as it was to share the effort, I kept thinking how nice it would have been on all the windy rides! We did well for a couple of old gals, one newby and one slowy.
I don't know why Simone is purple. I am number 00 because of the grade mix up. I am not fast, but then I have been sick, and I am old.... whatever, it was great fun and I had a blast.

I rode home on protesting legs, ate a quick breaky, did some shopping, got the veggie patches sorted (tropical fall is like spring back home) and puttered in the garden all afternoon. Such a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Now I am going to pull a very rare late night and watch Paris Roubaix. I am excited. I hope tomorrow isn't too complicated at work. I had a guy contact me about a mapping issue on Thursday. It is complicated! Last night I dreamed about Cartesian coordinates all night, and I cycled in a strange 3D funk during the race. I guess I am a Cartographer, it isn't something you just turn off a 5pm. Looking forward to a long thinking ride to the dam in the morning.

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