Friday, May 6, 2011


I have had nothing much to blog about. Just peaceful living and nice bike rides. I confess to sleeping in this morning, at 17 C I decided it was too cold to ride and the dog agreed as he snuggled down under the blanket. So since we are now living cyclone and earthquake free and there is 'no news' allow me to post some garden shots from this arvo, as I took a stroll around the garden with Rusty.
Sunset and things in bloom
The always reliable ground cover/bulb Caladium (variety unknown)
Tibouchina 'Alstonville', we once cut this down to knee high but it is back and blooming. It is actually more purple than the photo shows
Hibiscus variety unknown. The most pure orange colour, and really blooming up a storm since I broke down and sprayed it with rose spray, which is about as severe a form of chemical warfare as you can unleash, but really knocks aphids, thrips and fungis on the head.
Flowers in the house too, it is Mother's day this weekend after all, and I am a spoiled Mom (and wife)!

Hopefully I can find a team for the TTT on Sunday, if not I will solo the 20kms and hopefully do some sprints after. Happy weekending.

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